Janzen Research

Introducing new scientific and industrial applications.

Janzen Research is the scientific and industrial arm to develop the research and inventions of Ryan Janzen and associates.

Collaborations with: Stanford University, Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), University of Toronto, University of Waterloo. Leading industrial companies: TransPod Inc., Meta.

  • Medical diagnostics
  • Aircraft cockpit avionics
  • Marine
  • Automotive
  • Electrical grids, smart grids and intelligent power control
  • Manufacturing

The capacity to sense moving through space. Super-human hearing system.

Extreme images, video, and audio
for welding, satellite images, geology/mining, and audio, sensed using a dynamic-dynamic-range system.

World's first paper on HDR Audio.

The new concept of D2R.

Artificial Intelligence system for aircraft, marine, sound/audio, and fluid-dynamics, to extract patterns from turbulence and sound waves.

Paper on turbulence machine-learning.

A new system has been built - more info to be posted shortly!



Ryan Janzen
Email: ryan [dot] janzen [at] utoronto.ca
Website: ryanjanzen.ca